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About Shoppers Sweepstakes

Shoppers Sweepstakes gives away a $100 VISA gift card OR A 1 Year Membership To Shoppers Sweepstakes Social Network - Valued at $120 to 1 lucky eligible contestant monthly.

Contestants simply have to...

  • 1Register through the entire Shoppers Sweepstakes site and review all offers shown.
  • 2Opt into at least 10 free offers that ask to contact you via email and/or telephone.
  • 3Send an email from the contact us page of Shoppers Sweepstakes and write a 500 word review on...
    • a.What new offers you would like to see on the site
    • b.Your graphic design suggestions for the next website version of Shoppers Sweepstakes .
    • c.An objective positive comment about the site.
    • d.Ideas about what other gifts we can give away.
    • e.How you like the current Shoppers Sweepstakes offers

*Please follow all the directions above to be qualified as a Shoppers Sweepstakes Contestant. All participants have to confirm they are 18 years of age or older to be eligible to win. Drawings for a winner are made at the end of each month. There must be at least 1000 participants monthly for a $100 VISA gift card to be gifted. Any eligible contestants that didn't get chosen in a given month because there wasn't enough participants will be automatically be carried over for the next month's drawing.

Shoppers Sweepstakes - Simplifies Your Shopping Sprees